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Acoustic doors rated 43dB Recording studio Los Angeles

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Acoustic doors for sound studio

"In August 2009 the world's largest music company completed construction of their new seven room ZR AcousticsĀ® mastering facility. Designed + built by Hanson Hsu of Delta H Design, the 2200 sq. ft. turnkey project was completed in 15 weeks"

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SwissShade + Security Inc. provided sound proof doors  certified to 43 dB

"The Lab Studios are the ultimate hybrid of acoustics + aesthetics. ZR AcousticsĀ® creates the freedom for the radiant, understated interiors to exist in a purely orthogogonal space. The omnipresent stereo image and uncanny acoustic clarity belie the rooms' perfectly rectilinear foorprint. The eyes see one thing while the ears hear another."

security windows and doors

Elements which add to the sound blocking characteristics in an interior wood door.

1. Stabilizer for better climatic behavior

2. Center filling according to dB specification

3. Automatic retractable bottom seal to protect against the transmission of sound

4. Wood frame