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Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

Impact resistant windows which exceed the Dade County Florida requirement for large missile test.  Ideal for Hurricane and Tornado prone areas.

Security level A3 (DIN 52290 T4) 10mm/3/8" UL 972

Security level B1 (DIN 52290 T3) 18mm/3/4" UL 972

laminated glass

Laminated Glass

A3 rated glass consists of 4mm glass pane 2mm PVB interlayer, 4mm glass (10mm total).  B1 rated glass has 3 layers of glass 4-6-4 (18mm total).

locking cams

Multi-point locking

Tilt & turn opening mechanism consists of cam locks which surround the window controlled by a handle which engages the cams into recievers.

insulated glass u value 0.19

Insulated Glass

Argon filled insulation space and a lowE coated inner pane    U-value 0.19.  Inert gas acts as insulation keeping the cold out in the winter, and the heat out in the summer.


The problem area of burglarproofing

Your property needs protection.  Security windows provide that barrier of protection giving you and your family peace of mind!  Windows are normally the weakest  static component of a house or buisness and therefore the favoredpoint of entry for burglars.  Modern window technology couteracts this problem with individualand effective solutions.  an investment in high - tech security windows is the most important step in safeguarding your family and property.  Our standard A3 level security glass is tested and certified to DIN specification 52290 and International Patent Classification G 01 N 33/38.

A3 burglarproof windows have a noise suppresion value of 41dB!! This means 87.5% noise reduction measured against standard dual pane window (32dB).


Laminated glass

A3 level laminated, impact resistant, security glass

Components which distinguish a security window from a standard window

- Multi-chamber frames with steel inlay to insure maximum stability

- Minimum 7 internal security locks, secure even in the vent position (tilt)

- Drill protection

- Installed with hardened steel bolts, amount calculated per security level

- Completely foamed in with high grade polyurethane foam for added security and insulation

Multi point locking

Closeup of cam locks and recievers  surrounding the frame

multi point locking mechanism

Cam recievers around the perimeter of the frame

Security glass

Laminated glass forms a barrier that keeps intruders out