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Security Windows

The following tables illustrate the available levels of security which are available.  From burglar proof to bullet proof.

Security level A3 (DIN 52290 T4) 10mm/3/8" UL 972

Security level B1 (DIN 52290 T3) 18mm/3/4" UL 972

Security levels C1 through C5 (DIN 5229 2C) UL 752 1-8

Security levels A3/B1

Equivalent to EN 356/UL 975 rated impact resistance.  Creating a barrier that deters intrusion and protects your home.  Also ideal for extreme weather such as hurricanes and tornados to protect from flying debris.  The DIN standards surpass the Dade county Florida large missile test such that the impact of a steel ball has a more concentrated force than a 2 X 4's surface area.

impact resistant A3 B1

Level A3

A3 rated glass consists of 4mm glasspane 2mm PVB interlayer connecting it to another 4mm glass (10mm total) an Argon filled insulation space and an inner lowEcoated glass pane (28mm total). Sound insulation value 42dB. Each test panel has to withstand the impact of a 9 pound steel ball dropped from a height of 31.2 feet.  This test is repeated 3 times. Suitable for most residential applications such as:

Secluded homes.

Vacation and weekend property.

All high risk residences

Hurricane, tornado and other extreme weather scenarios.

Fringe benefits of A3 security glazing: 95% UV protection 42 dB sound reduction (32dB standard glass).

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Hurricane resistant windows

B1 security level window with steel reinforced UPVC frame.  Installed with hardened steel bolts around the perimeter.  Center window is fixed side windows are tilt & turn with multi-point locking mechanism

B1 glass consists of 4mm glass pane 2mm PVB interlayer - 4mm glass pane 2mm PVB interlayer - 4mm glass pane an Argon filled insulation space and a lowE coated inner pane.  Sound insulation value 50dB. Each test panel is subjected to the repeated impact of a mechanically driven axe.  This axe is sharp and weighs 4.5 pounds.  The objective is to figure the number of blows it takes to create an opening of the size of 1.3' X 1.3'. B1 is rated for 30-50 hits.  This security level is ideal for:

bullet proof door

Bullet resistant entrance door level C1 certified to stop 9mm rounds fired 3 times. Frame is manufactured out of Mahogany wood clad with bronze anodized aluminum.  Installed with hardened steel bolts around the perimeter of the frame. Multi-point locking mechanism with 3 bolts on the jamb side.


Size limitations of operable units

Steel reinforced UPVC frames can hold glazing up to a thickness of 32 mm or 1.22 inch. For glazing thicker than that, a steel reinforced aluminum frame has to be used. Depending on the level of security, the increased weight of the glazing is an important factor in designing opening windows and doors. Each opening mechanism can carry a given load. A tilt / turn or turn only mechanism can carry up to a maximum of 270 pounds. The tilt-slide sliding door up to 330 pounds and the slide only sliding door up to 660 pounds. If the weight is above this limit, the openings have to be reconfigured by using a combination of fixed and opening panels

The following is a video from the manufacturer of security windows